Monday, August 1, 2011

Roxas City Plaza

I was walking home one morning. 
The weather was really great and this part of the Roxas City Plaza looked so great as this.

This is our favorite rendezvous. This man, we call our Lolo, is President Manuel Roxas. When we have somewhere to go, we meet at Lolo's, when we have something to celebrate, we meet at Lolo's, when we are sad, we meet at Lolo's.

       We all have changed. But not Lolo. Still standing straight. Speak and span.

       Roxas City Hall. Next to it is the Immaculate Conception Cathedral

                            In front of the Roxas City Hall

                                 This tree is beside Lolo.

     Across the street is this two beautiful trees. It is so unfortunate that I do not know what tree are there at the moment. Have no time to search for its name. Maybe you can help.


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