Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Friday Tableaux Procession

           Good Friday procession is one of the most important Holy Week traditions of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. It is a solemn procession of tableaux depicting episodes from the Way of the Cross and statues of Dolorosa -- Most Sorrowful Mother - and other significant female characters in the bible that were present during the passion of Jesus.
          Holy Week or Easter Week is the most important date in the Christian Calendar. It commemorates the life of Jesus -- His passion and resurrection.

          These are the tableaux procession in Kalibo on Good Friday.  Here, every float are lavishly decorated with expensive flowers. After the procession, the floats are blessed by the priest. Unlike in other towns, parishioners have no habit of picking flowers from the tableaux after the procession, only in the Sto. Intiero or the dead body of Christ. 

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The Sto. Intiero

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