Sunday, April 20, 2014

Biseta Iglesia 2014

            Every H0ly Thursday during lent als0 kn0wn as Semana Santa 0r Cuaresma, it has been the traditi0n 0f the Filipin0 Cath0lic faithful t0 d0 the Visita Iglesia, literally, church visit. This practice intr0duced by the Spanish c0l0nizers g0es back t0 the time 0f the early church where Christians w0uld visit seven great basilicas in R0me f0r the ad0rati0n 0f the Blessed Sacrament during Maundy Thursday.

             F0r us Filipin0s, it is n0t 0nly the Blessed Sacrament but a c0ntemplati0n 0f the f0urteen stati0ns 0f the cr0ss. Traditi0nally seven churches are visited where tw0 stati0ns per visit. While 0thers, with m0re time and eff0rt visit f0urteen.

             For the first time, my family and neighbor gathered together and went to a Biseta Iglesia on the eve of Jesus' crucifiction. About more than fifteen years since I stopped this one activity that we used to do with my friends during Lenten Season. This time kids were the majority of our company. It was fortunate of them to have experienced this major occasion in the Catholic Church. I didn't have this when I was their age.

                Last year, several Mission Stations were built in the city. Hence, it has become more convenient for us to do the Bisita  Iglesia unlike in several years when one has to travel for other Municipalities which are far from each other.

St Padre Pio Mission Station, Brgy. Gabuan, Roxas City

Jesus of Nazareth Mission Station, Brgy Baybay, Roxas City

Sto Nino Chapel, Brgy. Cagay, Roxas City

Sto. Nino Quasi Parish, Brgy. Balijuagan, Roxas City

Carmelite Monastery

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church

Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral


  1. is that in the same church? the holy week is started :)

    |Playgroup Singapore

    1. No. Every parish has their own church or chapel and they have their own unique observance of the holy week.


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