Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How To Make Malunggay Capsule

There are a lot of ways on how to make Malunggay capsule. It is so easy and anyone can make it at home. 
This was how I made my own capsule.

After cleaning the leaves with water, I air dried it this way for two to three days. Before hanging the leaves, I scrutinized each leaves for any remaining sticky dirt or cobwebs. I also removed the yellow leaves. As days go by, dried leaves curls and some fell from the stems. I carefully separated the leaves and the stems.

I roasted the leaves in a big pan for about 4-5 minutes for sanitation purposes.

 Roasted leaves becomes crispy that makes it great to be powdered.

Not all leaves can be powdered with a blender. The remaining I placed inside an ice wrapper and powdered it using a mortar and a pestle.

Powdered Malunggay ready for packing. 

Empty gelatin capsules are available in leading drugstores. Malunggay capsules are normally packed in #0 capsule. I purposely packed it in #1 which is smaller so that small kids can easily swallow it.

In capsuling, proper hygiene must be observed. It is recommended to sanitize hands with alcohol, making sure under nails are clean and wear mask while packing. You can wear a hair net if you can.

* * *

Some facts about Malunggay

Fresh Leaves                                                   Dried Leaves
Gram for gram, fresh leaves contain about
 4 times the Vitamin A of Carrots                     10 times the Vitamin A of Carrots
  7 times the Vitamin C of Oranges                   1/2 the Vitamin C of Oranges
4 times the Calcium of milk                         17 times the Calcium of milk
3 times the Potassium of Bananas                    15 times the Potassium of Bananas
3/4 the Iron of Spinach                           25 times the Iron of Spinach
3 times the Protein of Yugort                   9  times the Protein of Yogurt

 Moringa leaves could practically wipe out malnutrition on our planet.

Experts agree that the long-term solution to malnutrition is the use of foods rich in the essential nutrients often lacking in people's diets. Modern scientific research is proving that Moringa leaves are one of the richest sources of such nutrients. Even small amounts of the leaves could protect thousands of people from suffering and death.

People in several countries have found that Moringa leaves are quite acceptable to taste, especially when added to common food.

* * *

Please help in spreading this information. Let us help each other in fighting malnutrition thru Malunggay. Some just doesn't know what they are throwing away when they cut Moringa tree. 

To read more about Moringa Oleifera click here.


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  1. thanks for the procedure in making malungay capsules. :)

  2. Thanks so much for this how-to on malunggay. I have been wondering how to make malunggay capsules. It's really effective as feed supplement especially for nursing mothers. Thank you!

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  4. thank you now i can make my own malunggay capsule


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