Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Basiao Beach

Is there still a virgin beach these days? 
There is! Well, that's what people call the place before.
But not anymore. So much has been done to make the place no longer look like a virgin beach.
It is now popular as Basiao Beach. People from the neighboring provinces like Iloilo and Kalibo come to enjoy the cool and white sanded beach especially during summer.
The name was taken from the name of the place itself. 
Found in the Municipality of Ivisan, Capiz, Philippines.
I visited the place again with my siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces and friends a few weeks ago.
We used to come here when I was in high school with my friends and classmates. 
The roads were not as good as this.

This road used to have holes and not as plain as this. We would always ride a tricycle. PUJ were very rare. Now its only few.. *:-)

It was difficult to climb this road before. We have to get out of our tricycle and push it up.

Mini resorts sprung out from the place which offers for rent small cottages, comfort rooms and also small boats.

Small cottages for rent ranges from P100 to P200


This rocky part of the beach has lots of unforgettable moments. This was where were hang out and had so much fun.

The water was just right when we arrived. Although the time was not really nice. The sun was already higher. But since we came there to swim, we ignored the sun and got ourselves ready for the sun burn
Obviously we had a few poses before getting wet.

It is advisable to come here with your own transportation. If not, you have to do just like this. Wait for an hour or more for the PUJ to pass by.

We didn't waste our time waiting. Obviously, we had a lots of fun  in the middle of the road.

Hey! We didn't get crazy waiting. We were just making crazy poses. Obviously my cousin didn't catch the best pose here.
I nearly got it!

Yeheyy!! I finally got it!!!

Thank God! We didn't wait for more than an hour.
A friend of my cousin with their own jeepney passed by and offered to give us a ride.

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  1. hi ms. bea, thanks for posting, we are planning also to visit the place.....


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