Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photography - My One Talent

I know I have the talent. One reason?  I like to  do it. 

Another reason?  I have a passion for it. I can see my work and I like it.

 Yes!... I.. I!  It’s only me who sees it, who likes it. I didn’t hear anybody admires it. Or… maybe they just don’t have the eyes to see  the beauty in it and notice my craft.

I don’t have a professional camera. I don’t even have a digital camera. I only have a cellphone. A Nokia N70 cellphone.

I have been watching pictures from people with high tech cameras and I really admire their works.
I like to blog about my photo shoots, but I don’t have even a single camera. I only have a cellphone. I am thinking that I cannot make a blog about it unless I have one camera. But, looking at those works of friends in the internet, my desire to share my own works increases.  I want to share and enhance this one talent of mine despite my limitations. Despite not having a good camera! 

So here it is, I am blogging about it, anyway.

Hope you enjoy watching my work… judge for yourself if I really have the talent.


For a start, I got this night view of the Roxas City's Jose Rizal Monument

Following are candid poses of my sister and her kids.

Patrizha Anne

Ersyl Jay

Patrizhia, Christine Anne, Ellaine

J Anne, Christine Anne, Patrizhia

Obviously, this is no longer my own shot.

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