Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Trip to a Galley

     No, I didn't go for a ride in a ship. I just went on the shore and found a galley. Not really, but it's a restaurant

                            ANOT'S GALLEY GRILL and RESTAURANT.

     A unique name. Let us go inside.

       No, a galley doesn't look like this, this is the entrance. Nice balloon pillars. Thanks to Sixth Avenue Balloons.

       Oh! and the food....hmmm... tastes superb! Sadly I have to watch out for fats, cholesterol and etc. Anything that is so much is too much for the body. Yeah, unhealthy. But it was only for this night. Didn't really help it. Just look at the food! It tastes as great as it looks, or even better. So irresistible and tempting.

Fish and Fries  - Not French but Filipino. Meaning its not potato but sweet potato or "camote". 

Sizzling Sisig -


Crispy Kangkong - taste Kangkong and crispy. *:-)

Babyback Ribs - tastes pork *:-)

Baked Talaba or Oysters - taste sea shell *:-)

        You might be wondering if I ate these food alone. Well, actually there was a celebration. A dinner with my officemates. Another one which I missed taking a picture was "Bulalu". One of their specialty which I personally looked forward to. I have tasted one already at the owner's birthday party. *:-)

The "Bulalu" remains

The "Bulalu" remains
       See what it did to Neil?

          With the atmosphere inside, it's really like I actually was inside a ship. This time, an Anot's Luxury Liner. *:-)


ANOT'S GALLEY GRILL AND RESTAURANT is located at Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz
  also accepts delivery Tel#036-6200-114

SIXTH AVENUE BALLOONS - Creating Colors to Your Events
  Roxas Avenue, Roxas City Tel# 09053333363 / 09209614972 /
  09192316102 /  09328503476

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