Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fun at the Farm

Finally!  I found a home for my fruit trees seedlings. 
I have grown fruit trees seedlings without knowing where to plant it. I just love doing it.
 Every time I ate fruits, I keep the seed and make it grow. It became so many and our little space in the province became full of it. Thanks to my friend. We share the same advocacy. That is, 
Fill the land with fruit trees
And so, my almost a hundred fruit trees seedling will grow in this land.

On a 5-minute brisk walk to Mimi's Farm. 
That's my mom. my sister and Mimi's brother walking behind me.

Mimi ahead of me

Finally, Mimi's farm.

Standing on the root of the big tree.

Sitting on the root of the big tree

Fresh water coming out from the stone.

Water gushing out from the stone. It was protected and made into drinking water.

Retracing steps going home.

I wonder if there would still be available land like this for sale when I could already afford to buy one.


  1. your like climbing on the mountain. that water is clean and use to drink

    |Playgroup Singapore

    1. yes. that was the nearest source of drinking water in the area. I tried it and it tastes good.


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